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Habe Mr. Bertelmus angeschrieben, werde mein erstes Tier für ein Paar Wochen nach Polen Schicken, Dort sollen Tier Experimente durchgeführt werden, Ich hoffe dadurch meins umgerüstet zu bekommen, und zwischendurch Lernen die das Model kennen damit die vieles besser machen können, wie Z,b direkt am Tool den Julet anzulöten…   wie dem auch sei, hier ist die Antwort:


I would like to work on this Tier scooter, no doubt.A lot of people ask about it but I assume you know that from forum?
If you have will for letting me to investigate this model, I will be happy to try my best.

The courier (private one not company) can be establish by one of two websites which was made for private drivers. It’s works like this: you call what item you have to transport, your listing is visible for drivers who passes pickup point and then they will reach you to pick up up. Sometime drivers are found in 1 day, sometimes in a week.

As far as Bluetooth goes and kingfisher goes, this was the reason that we’ve launched PARROT, to simplify connection and operation (configuration, startup, updates and Overall compatibility). However it’s ain’t easy with so many different brands, ESC and further on manufacturer IOT deployed code changes.

Please let me know about this ES-200,
I’m REALY looking forward to this.

Thanks in advanced


kann mir jemand sagen wie ich die Jungs kontaktieren kann von der Transportbörse?